Go-Go Dance

My goal when I'm on stage is to be contagious. I love to connect with the audience through eye contact, to make them feel the same emotions the music makes me feel; whether it's happy, sad, sexy, dangerous, or fun. I love everything about being on stage. The adrenaline when the bass drops, the sexiness my outfit makes me feel, the exchange of energy between myself and the audience, but most importantly, the incredible emotions that music forces me to move through my veins.

I feel blessed to have danced for Tiesto, Axwell, Calvin Harris, Dada Life, Arty, A-trak and many more; and my dream is to electrify the stage for more world-class DJs through go-go dancing.

Other Dance Experience

Broken Toyz, formerly known as FP Dance Crew, trained me to become a strong dancer by improving my musicality, expanding my dance knowledge, and mastering my facial expressions. Our crew focused on hip hop, perfecting east coast and west coast styles through the leadership of three directors. A strong focus on learning from our peers also allowed us to become skilled in a wide array of genres from jazz to salsa to breaking to tap. Furthermore, we were taught that connecting with the audience is of utmost importance. We mastered putting a song's emotions on our faces and into our moves in order to successfully project it to an audience member.

Our variety of music, ability to connect with audiences, and focus on the importance of having fun, earned us performances at Hot Import Nights, Vina Morales Concert, East Coast Dance Competition, and many more.